healthŌme and GalenusRx Forge Strategic Partnership to Launch Genomics-based Personalized Medication Safety Program

Revolutionizing medication safety with the power of precision

Using the most advanced scientific knowledge related to medication characteristics, GalenusRx gives patients and providers the knowledge they need to prevent adverse drug events and promote better health outcomes.

GalenusRx is the most advanced medication safety organization in the world.
About the APPRAISETM Platform

Our proprietary platform, APPRAISE (Actionable PolyPharmacy Risk Assessment Index for Safety and Equity), analyzes drug-drug, multi-drug, drug-gene, and drug-disease interactions to provide a unique and comprehensive risk assessment, individualized down to the DNA.

About Lifesaving InsightsTM

Our subscription-based technology and consulting service offers a deep, comprehensive understanding of how your body responds to medication, with personalized assessments and data analysis from our Precision Clinical Pharmacists, along with tailored recommendations based on specific needs and goals.

GalenusRx addresses a global problem with a comprehensive solution.
Inappropriate medication combinations can lead to ER visits, hospitalizations and avoidable, premature death. GalenusRx Medication APPRAISAL identifies medication regimens with high concern for adverse drug events.

The Problem

Adverse drug events are a public health crisis.

ADEs account for over 1.3 million emergency department visits and $136 billion in healthcare costs every year in the U.S. alone.1 Estimates place them among the fourth most common causes of death worldwide, alongside heart disease, cancer, and stroke.2

With the right information, as many as 80% of these could be prevented.3

The traditional system is outdated and incomplete.

Introduced over 50 years ago, the standard solution to medication safety only analyzes one-drug to one-drug interaction. Most advances have focused on improving data collection and analysis, not prevention.



The Solution

A powerful platform designed to analyze, personalize, and optimize medication regimens

GalenusRx’s medication safety platform, APPRAISE, addresses the full spectrum of drug-specific and patient-specific characteristics—from drug disposition characteristics to disease and genetic disease-specific information—to calculate a precise, personalized level of concern.

Consultations with Precision Clinical Pharmacists provide clear, actionable insights that translate to multiple benefits.
Optimizes Drug Regimens

By holistically assessing individual regimens and ensuring patients receive appropriate, safe, and optimally effective treatments, GalenusRx helps enhance medication outcomes by reducing medication regimen concern.

Reduces Polypharmacy

Our deep pharmacodynamic data analysis examines drug-drug, multi-drug, drug-gene, and drug-food interactions to help patients avoid ineffective or unnecessary medications.

Lowers Medical Expenses

By identifying medication regimens of high concern that could lead to adverse drug events, emergency department visits, and/or hospitalizations, our platform can help reduce healthcare expenses for patients, providers, and insurers.

Built for broad results

GalenusRx’s technology impacts individuals and institutions.

Patients and Consumers

Gain a deeper understanding of how your body responds to medications and unlock the potential for safer, more effective treatments.

Providers and Health Systems

Improve medication regimen safety and promote better health outcomes while reducing the potential of legal and financial burdens by taking proactive, predictive, and preventive steps based on sound science.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of clinical trial biosimulations by enabling broader enrollment and better patient selection along with proactive identification of medication combinations of concern.

Payers and Plan Sponsors

Manage healthcare costs and access individually tailored treatment solutions that align with the goal of improving patient outcomes while reducing medical and pharmacy costs.

About Us

The mission behind GalenusRx took shape in the late 1990s with the company’s founders, PharmD/PhD scientists who specialize in drug disposition science and its application. Their goal—to materially reduce adverse drug events—informed work that’s been proven and widely supported by peer-reviewed scientific articles. An expert product engineering team spurred that work forward, shaping it into a proprietary medication safety platform that channels comprehensive data into actionable insights.

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