healthŌme and GalenusRx Forge Strategic Partnership to Launch Genomics-based Personalized Medication Safety Program

Payers and Plan Sponsors

Manage healthcare costs and access individually tailored treatment solutions

Hospital stays account for $19.4 billion and emergency room visits account for $16 billion in preventable cost. While many ADEs are preventable, the current systems for ADE assessment were not designed to clearly identify the hazard associated with polypharmacy and disease problem interactions.

GalenusRx’s precision medication safety technology creates a “Medication Appraisal” based upon medication regimen, disease complexity and other factors. The APPRAISE™ (Actionable PolyPharmacy Risk Assessment Index for Safety and Equity) solution provides insights to improve medication regimen safety and promote better health outcomes, including reductions in total medical and often pharmacy costs.

APPRAISE improves health outcomes while reducing total cost

GalenusRx specializes in predictive, precision medication safety. We leverage our proprietary advanced technology to improve patient outcomes through medication safety insights delivered by Precision Clinical Pharmacists.

GalenusRx provides a range of services to support self-insured employers, commercial and government payers, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and value-based care (VBC) organizations. THE APPRAISE powers innovative, lifesaving interventions that improve medical outcomes and shield plan sponsors from unsustainable costs.

  • Data analytics: GalenusRx’s APPRAISE solution can help payers and plan sponsors identify areas where they can improve care and reduce costs. The Appraisal can be calculated at the individual and population level, enabling organizations to prioritize interventions, track performance over time, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Consulting and clinical pharmacy services: GalenusRx provides insight into medication regimens that improve outcomes and reduce medical costs. GalenusRx’s clinical services help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by providing access to Precision Clinical Pharmacist experts and resources. These services are customized to your needs. (Note: GalenusRx is not a dispensing pharmacy).
  • Patient engagement tools: GalenusRx offers a range of patient engagement tools that can help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. These tools include patient portals, telehealth provided by Precision Clinical Pharmacists, and other services.

GalenusRx brings an advanced solution, scalable model, and 3:1 or greater ROI that can be implemented within sixty days and realized in the same year.

Historical evidence and publicly available published reports support a 3:1 return on investment for payers and ACOs. Documented outcomes include reduced medical costs and lowered risk of ADEs such as falls, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, morbidity, and even premature death. The value proposition is demonstrated by GalenusRx placing a percent of fees at risk to support the return on investment for our clients.