healthŌme and GalenusRx Forge Strategic Partnership to Launch Genomics-based Personalized Medication Safety Program

Our Solutions

GalenusRx’s technology impacts individuals and institutions.

Built for broad results

GalenusRx is the world’s most advanced medication safety organization. We’ve designed the only platform that analyzes drug-drug, multi-drug, drug-gene, and drug-disease interactions to provide a comprehensive risk assessment, individualized down to the DNA. The benefits span from consumers to healthcare providers, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies, with GalenusRx’s technology leading the way toward better health outcomes and lower total medical costs.

Gain a deeper understanding of how your body responds to medications
Manage healthcare costs and access individually tailored treatment solutions
Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of clinical trial bio-simulations
Improve medication safety and health outcomes while reducing legal and financial burdens
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Backed by the latest science

Our clinical team has developed proprietary algorithms that consider five types of drug interactions in the body. These algorithms consider the latest scientific findings in pharmacokinetics (how the body affects drugs), pharmacogenomics (how genes affect drugs), pharmacodynamics (how drugs affect the body), and chronopharmacology (how the biological clock affects drugs). The APPRAISE system is constantly being updated with new scientific findings.