healthŌme and GalenusRx Forge Strategic Partnership to Launch Genomics-based Personalized Medication Safety Program

About us

GalenusRx is revolutionizing medication safety with the power of precision.

What we do

The capabilities of GalenusRx’s medication safety assessment platform, APPRAISE, stretch well beyond traditional Medication Therapy Management. By analyzing drug-drug, multi-drug, drug-gene, and drug-disease interactions, we provide a far more comprehensive risk assessment for patients, addressing the probability of adverse drug events and assessing whether specific drug-metabolizing genes are present. And unlike traditional platforms, APPRAISE provides a precise profile for each and every patient, individualized down to the DNA. Using a proprietary process, our Precision Clinical Pharmacists also provide actionable insights and recommendations for each patient’s drug regimen, tailored to their needs and goals.

Peer reviewed literature published by GalenusRx’s founders shows clear evidence of the platform’s efficacy. And the benefits extend from individual patients to the organizations that serve them — GalenusRx saw an established ROI of 3:1 or greater in literature and with value-based care clients.​

GalenusRx is the world’s most advanced medication safety organization.

Our Leadership Team

PharmD/PhD scientists steeped in drug disposition science and its application — and spurred forward by an advanced, well-trained product engineering team.

BPharm, PhD
Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer
PharmD, MBA
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
BScPharm, MDiv, PhD, ScD (Hon)
Executive Chairperson, Co-Founder and Co-CEO
BPharm, PhD
Founder, Co-CEO & Chief Scientific Officer
Chief Commercial Officer

GalenusRx was founded in 2023 by a team of internationally recognized healthcare leaders.

The company’s proprietary platform, APPRAISE, analyzes drug-drug, multi-drug, drug-gene, and drug-disease interactions to provide a unique and comprehensive risk assessment, individualized down to the DNA. Our technology and consulting service, Lifesaving Insights™️, provides a comprehensive understanding of how every patient’s body responds to medication, with personalized assessments and tailored recommendations from our Precision Clinical Pharmacists. Together, these solutions point the way toward efficacy without harm — with optimized medication regimens, improved outcomes and lowered medical expenses.


To help people avoid morbidity and mortality from their medication regimen through safer, more effective treatment.



We find solutions where they’ve never existed before. We deliver change. We make an impact. We make history.


Cutting-edge science and deep data analysis drive our solutions. And we continuously search for new, better ways to solve important problems.


Our work results in real change for real people — improved decision-making, improved health and cost outcomes, improved lives.


Our expertise drives the efficacy of our solutions. We aspire to know more, do more, and lead the way toward improving our industry and the lives of the people our work touches.

The 4 Generations of Medications Selection

Medication Selection
  • Also known as “Trial-and-Error” selection.
  • Drug – Interaction Systems are from 1970’s and are just one-drug to one-drug warnings.
Medication Selection
  • Randomized clinical trials and disease treatment guidelines inform clinicians. about drug selection but still only focused on one drug to one drug “science.”
Medication Selection
  • Analyses multi-drug regimens using drug disposition science, that enables the mitigation of Adverse Drug Events.
  • Adds PGx to Personalized.      
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The Future is Now
Medication Selection
  • Adds a person’s organ function, to Precision.
  • Adds a person’s Disease impact on Drug Metabolizing Genes, to Precision.
  • Uses AI-informed Precision.