healthŌme and GalenusRx Forge Strategic Partnership to Launch Genomics-based Personalized Medication Safety Program

Pharmaceutical Companies

Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of clinical trial bio-simulations

The global pharmacovigilance market is expected to reach $11.8 billion by 20301, in part because Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) are rampant and rising worldwide. Yet, today’s technologies are reactive and inefficient in addressing ADEs, leading to avoidable harm and increased cost. To detect ADEs, standard technologies need to observe occurrences in a high enough number of patients. These solutions focus on improving data collection and analyses, reporting to regulatory agencies, and ensuring compliance.

GalenusRx flips this model, using proactive, predictive medication safety technology to streamline the process and improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of clinical trial bio-simulation.

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Proactive Simulation, Built for Real-World Application

With our predictive, preventive medication safety technology, pharmaceutical stakeholders can proactively identify potential population and individual-level impacts of new drugs using real-world data without exposing patients to risk.

To effectively evaluate medication safety across a range of cases and uses, we developed the APPRAISE (Actionable PolyPharmacy Risk Assessment Index for Safety and Equity).
  • The APPRAISE solution helps predict potential medication-related problems associated with adding a new drug to existing real-world medication regimens.  Related problems that can be identified include risk of falls, hospitalization, emergency room visits, drug-induced long QT syndrome, multi-drug interactions, morbidity, and death.
  • Our cloud-based solution enables accessibility, seamless scalability, and real-time simulations. Pharmaceutical users can add a new drug under study, virtually, to real-world patients’ drug regimens.
  • Users can customize the population studied, focusing on the general adult population, vulnerable populations usually excluded from clinical trials, or any specific desired subset. Based on the drug under study and selected population, the APPRAISE solution will predict and identify any potential medication-related problems.

Enhancing quality, safety, and efficiency for the drug development process

GalenusRx virtual clinical trials and bio-simulations support pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and regulatory authorities.
  • Create more inclusive, scalable safety evaluations. Enable broader enrollment and improved patient selection for clinical trials.
  • Mitigate harm. Uncover safety issues using real-world patient data without exposing patients to real risk. Address safety issues during development, refining the risk-benefit profile and mitigate high-probability concerns well ahead of real-world use.
  • Reduce ADE costs. Shift pharmacovigilance from a cost center to a profit protection center, including by reducing legal and financial burdens associated with ADEs.
  • Improve time to market. Streamline clinical phase 2-3 trials designs and make faster decisions with data on the exact number and proportion of patients at risk.
  • Develop medication safety positioning strategy. Develop positioning strategies by conducting bio-simulations with competitor products.
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Built for the future

Far-reaching benefits of biosimulation with GalenusRx

Before new drugs enter the market, GalenusRx’s solution can preemptively identify potential safety issues, allowing stakeholders to refine and mitigate high-probability concerns well ahead of real-world use.

What that means

Our technology determines drug combinations that increase ADE risk without ever exposing patients to ADEs.

We make these development-phase assessments possible through virtual clinical trials and bio-simulation studies, virtually adding the drug under study to millions of real-world patients’ regimens.


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